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Welcome to Donacloney Primary School.

Who's Who

Nursery: Mrs K Castles

Primary 1/2: Mrs H McCorry/Mrs J Baxter

Primary 2/3: Mrs F Wright/ Mrs J Baxter

Primary 3: Miss E McCauley


Primary 4: Mrs Cousins and Mrs Hetherington

Primary 5: Mrs N Vaughan/ Mrs J Baxter

Primary 6: Mrs E Hamill (vice-principal)


Primary 7: Mr R Orr


Principal: Miss L Nesbitt

 Non-Teaching Staff



Mrs E McCreery




Classroom Assistants

Mrs E Keery

Mrs N Totten

Mrs J Irvine

Mrs G Pyper

Mrs A Metcalf

Mrs S Patterson

Mrs S Clarke


Supervisory Assistants

Mrs N Totten

Mrs A Metcalf

Mrs J Irvine

Mrs S Clarke

Mrs Lyons

Mrs Harbinson

Building Supervisor

Mr D Beattie



Cleaning Assistants

Mrs N Totten

Mrs A Harbinson

Mrs L Lyons




Kitchen Staff

Mrs R Cardwell

Mrs L Kelly

Mrs J Donaldson