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Information packs for parents are available for collection from the assembly hall 9.00am-12.30pm Tue 23-Thu 25 June - includes reports and next year's classes.

Additional Literacy Activities

In Primary 5, we organise our sentences into paragraphs. As you read books, pay attention to WHY and WHEN authors take new paragraphs.

I'd love you to design your own advertisement. Have a look at my planner, Powerpoints and templates that will help you to think about how advertisers persuade you to buy a product. Mrs Vaughan :-)

Persuasion skills are extremely useful when you want to get your own way, or when you want someone to agree with you. Look at the Powerpoint and worksheets to learn how you can develop these skills.

Please look through the rest of the Class Page to find other ideas and useful websites.



I'd love you to have a go at writing a poem based on Kit Wright's 'The Magic Box'. I've included my planner, the poem itself and a template for your own poem. I'd love to read your finished poems, so please e-mail them to me. Thank you! Mrs Vaughan :-)

Learn to write a Haiku: a short from of Japanese poetry in three lines! Easy peasy! Don't forget to use your dictionary and thesaurus to add descriptive, expressive vocabulary.

Please continue to read as much as possible. smiley


If you don't have books at hand, then there are some amazing websites. Here are some that I think are really good: