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Welcome to Donacloney Primary School


smileyWelcome to P.1!smiley


We have had a busy time starting school. We are enjoying learning and playing together.  On this page we will share some of the interesting things we have been doing in P.1!


Our teachers are Mrs Mc Corry and Mrs Baxter. They teach us what we need to know in P1 and love learning with us.

Our classroom assistant is Mrs Totten.  She helps us to learn and loves to play with us.


To finish off our, 'Living Creatures' topic, we enjoyed a visit from Party Animals. David told us so many facts about each animal. How brave were we?

It's our Engage Day! This was a fun filled day with activities designed to encourage; teamwork, listening to each other, problem solving and so much more. Children enjoyed team games and working together to build an unusual creature. Well done everyone!

Our new topic is 'Living Creatures'. Yesterday we drew three slimy snakes; short, medium and long. Today. we measured them using cubes, coloured them in a pattern and wrote a sentence about the longest snake. #wearebusybees

We had so much fun celebrating Valentine's week. We were sorting, measuring, counting, writing, investigating and so much more. Phew, that was a fun learning week that we had!

We have learnt so much this week about sea turtles. The best way to finish our wonderful week.... Racing turtles. Lovely to see everyone cheering on their friends!

Have a look at our super displays. We are always very poud of our work!

P1 Information Booklet

We are learning about our senses. We tasted different types of apples. Some were sweet and delicious, others tasted sour!

We went on a colour scavenger hunt to help us learn about our sense of sight!

Making popcorn helped us learn about ALL of our 5 senses. We could smell and taste that it was yummy! We could see it pop! We had great fun today!

It's Pumpkin Week! We were sorting pumpkins for small, medium and large. Measuring how many pumpkins tall our freinds were. Investigating will they float or sink? Finding out what was inside a pumpkin and so much more. It was a busy, fun week of learning in P1.

Our topic is, 'Houses and Homes'. We have been reading about theThree Little Pigs. We completed a STEM challenge; to build a house that The Wolf can't blow down! We tried to build a house for the pigs using cocktail sticks, gum drops and lollipop sticks. We worked as a team and listened carefully to each other.

Our cosy classroom!

Today we completed a STEM challenge to see which would melt the ice the quickest; salt, sugar or warm water? We watched it carefully throughout the day and added more to the ice. We recorded the results on our page. The salt melted the ice the quickest!

A perfect day for hot chocolate!

We love doing STEM challenges in p1. Today we had to work as a team to build a boat that would hold the most bears. We wanted to keep the Bears out of the shark infested water!

Enjoying Mental Maths games!