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Welcome to Donacloney Primary School Nursery Class Page

 Here you will find some useful information about what goes on in our Nursery.





NURSERY TIMES: 9.00am – 1.30pm

Outside play equipment
Our outside play area

Arrival and pick-up arrangements for 2020.

Due to Covid, parents will not be able to enter the Nursery building.  You can access the Nursery by walking up the side of the Nursery Unit through the large gates.

Parents must wait until a member of staff opens the gate, and must socially distance from each other, and take turns entering the Nursery outdoor area.  Hand sanitiser is available.
On your child's first day, Nursery consent forms, reply slips and All About Me Books should be left in the box provided.  Wellie boots, kitchen roll, tissues and drawstring bags should be left on the unit outside.

Mrs Castles or Mrs Keery will meet each child at the door as they enter from the outdoor area.

At home time parents should wait outside the Nursery gate.  A member of staff will bring the children outside to be picked up.

          First Day at Nursery

Boys and girls have been enjoying their first day at Nursery. There was lots of fun playing, building and painting.  Everyone remembered to wash their hands well too.

Starting Nursery

If you are starting Donacloney Nursery this is where you will find out all about it.

The Nursery teacher is Mrs Castles and the Nursery Assistant is Mrs Keery. We are already looking forward to our new intake for 2020/21.  If your child is starting Nursery this year please take time to share this section of our Nursery class page with your child.  It will help them become familiar with the staff, areas of play and activities on offer.
Mrs Castles and Mrs Keery will play with you and help you to learn new things.
You will do self-registration and hang your coat up on your own coat peg.  You can keep your wellie boots in Nursery and you will need them when you play outside.
You can play at our different play areas.
When you are hungry you can wash your hands and have a healthy snack.  You can have milk or water to drink at Nursery.
You can use the bathroom whenever you need to and there are little toilets and sinks which are easy for you to use.
You can choose to go out to play.  There are so many things to do outside!
Mrs Castles reads a story in the Quiet Room after tidy up time.  It is fun doing rhymes and songs too.
Everyone sits together at Dinner Time.

We have lots of special events throughout the year

Everyone has fun when Jo Jingles visits.

We learn new songs, play instruments and move to the music.

Dressing Up Day

Everyone came to Nursery in a costume and we made chocolate apples as a treat.

Christmas is a very busy time in Nursery.
Parents help to decorate the windows and get involved in creative activities.
 Christmas Dinner was delicious!
A Creative Mum with lots of great ideas helps us get our Nursery for Christmas.
Our Creative Christmas Workshop. Mums and Dads enjoyed it as much as the boys and girls.

Our Nursery Nativity 2019.

Everyone played their part really well and put on a great performance for family and friends. We had 26 little stars!

Our Christmas Party with games and party food.  Doesn't everyone look great in their party clothes and Christmas jumpers!

Having fun in the snow

We visit  the Book Fair when it comes to school each year.  It is a great place to listen to a story. 

World Book Day

We always love to read books about animals and on World Book Day everyone dressed up in something animal related. We also enjoyed bringing in our animal books and sharing them with our friends.

We  learn about baby animals and parents sometimes bring in baby animals from home or the farm.

We are always busy planting seeds, bulbs and plants.

Daffodil bulbs which are planted in the Autumn time come into bloom in the Spring.

We enjoyed planting window boxes full of pretty flowers.

Our Stay and Play Days

Mums and Dads have the chance to stay and play.  It is fun for the children and their parents.

Happy Healthy Kids

Children at Donacloney Nursery have lots of opportunity for physical, energetic play.

People Who Help Us

We have been  learning about 'People Who Help Us' and some Mums and Dads came to Nursery to talk about their jobs. 

The School Cook talked to us about her job, what she wears and the food and equipment she uses.  Everything is really big!

Having fun with food

We enjoy cooking, baking and trying new foods.  We like to promote healthy eating but there are also opportunities for a tasty treat.


We made a big pot of porridge for snack.  Not too hot...not too cold... but just right.  Just the way Goldilocks likes it!

Making healthy Fruit Salad for snack

Pancake Day

Making Healthy Carrot and Potato Soup

Valentine's Day

A very creative Mum  helped the children decorate these lovely homemade shortbread hearts. What a sweet idea!

Finding fun ways to use spaghetti

We made Bottle Babies

Football coaching session with Paul Evans

Odd Sock Day

When we learn about hedgehogs we use clay and Art materials to make our own prickly hedgehogs.

The Oxford Island Outreach Programme

Learning about Minibeasts

Learning about birds from the education team at Oxford Island.

Big Bedtime Read

Mums, Dads and Grandparents were invited to our special Pyjama Day Story time.  It was lovely to see everyone snuggling up for another story before home time.

Debbie Doolittle's Wildlife

At Nursery we learn about animals which live in the wild.  Debbie brought some of her animals which she rescues and looks after.

A short story for children to help them understand Covid-19

The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust website has a short animated video for children to help them understand the coronavirus.