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Primary 6 Information

Primary 6 Information


  1. Punctuality

  1. School doors will open at 8.45 am each morning.

  2. Children should be in the classroom when the 9 am bell rings. Work is explained and started at this time.

  3. Assembly starts at 9.15 am every morning except Thursday.


2. Uniform

  1. All items of clothing should be labelled.

  2. Pupils must have a change of shoes if they wish to use the all weather pitch.


3. Homework

  1. Monday (Maths)

  2. Tuesday (Reading Activities)

  3. Wednesday (Maths)

  4. Thursday (English)

  5. Children will also have spellings (Monday- Wednesday) and Reading (Monday- Thursday).

  6. Please sign all written homework

  7. Stress presentation and neatness of work

  8. Reading activities will be completed twice a week: on Tuesdays for homework and on Fridays in class. It is vitally important that pupils complete their reading homeworks every night.


4. Handwriting

  1. Children are expected to be using a fluent and legible style of joined writing. Children will be introduced to writing in pen as the year progresses.


5. Assessment

  1. There will be continuous assessment throughout the year with tests given in: English, Maths, Science, Spellings and Mental Maths. Parents will have the opportunity to see and sign these tests.

  2. One written report of child’s progress will be issued in June.

  3. There will be two parent consultations during the course of the year to discuss your child’s progress.


6. Items needed

  1. The following items are needed before the start of the term:

1 Ring Binder

1 Ruler

2 x 2H or 4H Pencils

1 Berol Handwriting Pen - Blue

1 Rubber

Colouring Pencils

1 x Pritt Stick (Large)

2 Red Pens

Felt Tip Pens

1 Sharpener

A small dictionary suitable for school bag use


(NB This is the same list which was sent out at the end of June.)



7. Swimming

(a) P6 swimming lessons will commence on Wed 12th September. Children will leave school each Wednesday at 11.15am and return for lunch time.


8. PE

(a) PE will be on Monday afternoons. Children are required to bring a change of clothes.


9. Information on topics

(a) An overview of topics which are taught in P6 will be sent to parents during the first term.