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Welcome to Donacloney Primary School. School starts back on Tuesday, 28 August 2018. First day back is a half day. Children go home at 12.30pm before lunch.

Primary 5 Fact- file

Primary 5 Fact- file


1. Curriculum

We are in P5, which is the beginning of Key Stage Two. Expectations are high, and we all endeavour to do our best at all times.

Areas of Learning are as follows:

  • Language and Literacy

  • Numeracy and Mathematics

  • The World Around Us (Science, History and Geography)

  • The Arts (Music, Drama, Art)

  • Physical Education

  • Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

Cross-Curricular Skills are:

  • Communication

  • Using Mathematics

  • Using ICT (Information and Communications Technology)

Other Skills:

  • Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision Making

  • Self-Management

  • Working With Others

  • Managing Information

  • Being Creative


2. The School Day

Doors open at 8.45am. We enter school through the P2/5 door. It is not necessary for our parents to accompany us to the classroom. We are permitted to use the front door when it is raining, and we should be settled in the classroom when the 9 o’clock bell rings, in time for registration. (We wouldn’t want to miss Mental Maths now, would we!)

NB. Parents are reminded that they are not to drive into the school grounds.


3. Uniform

All items of clothing should be labelled with our names. We require a change of clothes for P.E.- either a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. We also require a change of footwear if we wish to play on the school pitch.


4. Homework

Homework is set on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There are two Maths and two English related homework activities. During the week, we also receive reading and tables homeworks. Spellings are set on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving Thursday free for revision of the week’s spellings. We also complete Spelling Activities in our Spelling Workbooks on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Homework should take no longer than an hour in total. Parents sign all written homework and our reading diaries. Accuracy, neatness and presentation are important in all of our homework activities.


5. Assessment

We are given daily tests in Mental Maths, Tables and Spellings; a weekly test in Tables and Spellings; a half-termly test in Tables and Spellings; a termly test in Mental Maths, Comprehension and Grammar and Punctuation. Writing is assessed continually throughout the year. Handwriting is assessed in a Monthly Handwriting Competition. Maths and World Around Us are tested at the end of each topic.

Standardised Tests: September: NRIT

April/May: PiE (Progress in English) and PiM (Progress in Maths)

There are two parental consultations: October and February.

There is one written report: June.


7. Money

Dinner money is collected on a Monday: £2.20 per day, £11.00 per week.

Savings are collected on a Tuesday.

Money should be brought to school in a labelled envelope or in a purse/ wallet.


8. Stationery

Most items are provided in school, but we also need a pencil, sharpener, rubber and an A4 Ringbinder. (We may bring our own colouring pencils or felt tip pens.)


9. Handwriting

We continue to develop the joined style of writing taught in school and use pencil. We may be asked to use pen later in the year, preferably black.


10. Discipline

Children’s behaviour must conform to the school’s Discipline Policy. Parents are expected to support the school in this matter. A Behaviour Book is used in each class to record each child’s behaviour. Three entries into the Class Behaviour Book in the same week leads to a detention, which parents will be informed of. We have a Classroom Charter in our class- this is very important, and lists all of the rules that we think are important.


11. Concerns About Your Child

Parents- If you wish to discuss something with Mrs Vaughan about your child, please contact Mrs Hylands or myself so that we can arrange a suitable time. It is also helpful if you could inform Mrs V. of the reason for your concern, prior to the meeting.


12. Healthy Breaks

We continue to bring a healthy snack to school. We bring bottled still water to drink during class time.


14. Class Assemblies

Class Assemblies are held during Term 3. We have great fun preparing for them. Parents are welcome to attend these.


16. Library Books

All children have a Class Library Book. 


17. Swimming

We go to Waves in Lurgan for 12 swimming lessons. These begin in December- hooray!


18. Trips

There will be a number of trips organised for the class during the year (Hooray again!) These will be noted on Class Newsletters, which will be sent home each half-term.