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Welcome to Donacloney Primary School. No Hockey Wednesday 15 January.


It;'s Easter time! We went on an easter egg hunt. There was a clock inside each egg. We had to read the analogue clock and record the digital time!

Today we took part in Batman's Training Academy. We were learning how to be a Superhero! We were developing our super powers, such as x-ray vision, super strength and agility. We even made a super hero smoothie. It was delicious!

We are working as a team to design and make a trap to catch Evil Pea. He has escaped again and is trying to capture Superworm!

We are learning about Superheroes but not all superheroes wear capes. We had a visit from some real life superheroes!!

We're going on a worm hunt!

Evil Pea is at it again! He has trapped the peas in some toxic slime. We worked together to design a grabber that would free the peas without touching the slime. Did our grabbers work? Yes!!

We have been reading, 'Supertato'. Today we found a message from the evil pea, he had kidnapped the vegetables and fruit fom the school kitchen! We followed the clues and saved everyone! We really are superheroes in P2!

Here we are peeling and chopping potatoes. We cooked them and made some delicious healthy chips!

Today Mr Beattie showed us his car. It is 30 years old! He helped us label the different parts of his car/ Thank you Mr Beattie!

Love is in the air! We had so much fun thinking about Valentine's Day! First, we did an experiment to see how a love heart sweet would dissolve in hot water, cold water, vinegar and baking soda. Next, we used plastic hearts to find the area of larger hearts. Then we tried to stack as many love hearts as possible. We estimated how many we thought we could stack and then counted our love heart tower. After that, we put some Valentine's objects in water to see which would float and which would sink! Finally, we found out the weight of different vehicles using plastic hearts. Phew!!!! We really are busy bees in P2!!!!

In class we have been reading, 'If I Built a Car'. In the story, Jack imagines a fantasical car that he would build. He has a robot, snack bar and even a swimming pool. Have a look at our fantastical cars that we built from construction toys.

We're going on a word hunt! Mrs Mc Corry had carefully hidden words around the classroom. Our job was to find the word and write it down. We had to read the word and decided if it was a real word or a silly word!

We are reading, 'Mrs Honey's Hat'. These are our special hats that we brought to show our class. We wore our hats and told each other all about them. Mrs Mc Corry had an explorer's hat too.

Today we went for our walk around the village. What a lovely day we had! As we walked, we watched carefully to see which vehicles we could spot. We spotted a lorry, van, cyclist and even an airplane. When we arrived at the monument, we spent some time watching and recording the colour of vehicles that passed. We recorded what we saw in a graph. Red, white and black vehicles were the lost popular in Donalconey Village.

We are learning about penguins! First, we estimated how many blocks tall our penguin was. We carefully measured our emperor penguin using small cubes and large bricks. Next, we measured the peguins that we made during our art lesson! We used our cubes to find out how tall our penguin was. We recorded the answer in a speech bubble.

Today, Nathalie's Mummy came to school. She made some beautiful salt dough Christmas decorations. We had great fun and can't wait to hang them on our Christmas tree.

We are, 'Class of the Week'. This means we were the best at; lining up, walking in the hallway, being kind and many other things. Mrs Mc Corry thinks we are wonderful!

We are, 'Class of the Week'. This means we were the best at; lining up, walking in the hallway, being kind and many other things. Mrs Mc Corry thinks we are wonderful! 1

It's anti-bullying week! We have been thinking about our friends. We decided to make a friendship bracelet. We wrote something special about our friends on each heart and gave it to a friend. Our friends are special to us!

In class, we have been learning about 3D shapes. We were investigating which 3D shape would roll, slide or stack! Do you know?

We wanted to find out how penguins stay dry. Here we are carrying out an investigation to find out. We realised that if we covered our picture with a wax crayon, the water would run off the penguin. We now know that it is the same for real penguins. They have a layer of wax on their feathers. This keeps them dry and warm!

This week we are learning about penguins! We measured ourselves against an emperor penguin to see if we were taller, smaller or the same height. We had great fun and turned this information into a pictograph! Clever us!!

Today Lily's Daddy came to school. He was showing us how to plant a bulb that will grow into a beautiful daffodil in the spring time. This will be a beautiful gift for someone very special to us!

We have been learning about different Nursery Rhymes. Today we read, 'Pat a Cake'. We read the rhyme and then we decorated our own cakes. They tasted yummy!