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Dear Parent,                                                                                              22 June 2020

RE: School Opening

School will close on 30 June 2020 for the summer.  Unfortunately, this year, we are unable to invite parents to meetings, to prepare for the 2020/21 school year. The information, normally shared at the meeting, has been provided in paper form as usual and included in a pack of information. 


The holiday list includes term time dates.  Until otherwise directed, Donacloney Primary School will open for the new school year, with a half day on Wednesday 26 August 2020 (1.30pm). In accordance with Government guidance, however, Primary 7 children will start back on Monday 24 Aug 2020 (9.00am-2.00pm Mon and Tue). School dinners will be available from 24 Aug.   


The specified 1m social distancing arrangement in a classroom is not feasible with classes of 30 or more pupils, which will limit the number of children able to be in school at once. If this is still going to be the case on 26 August, we may have to consider children attending for part of the week and distance learning for the other days.  This will only be considered as a last resort.   There will also be restrictions on the types of activities that can take place and on the school daily timetable.


It is our intention to increase the focus upon Literacy and Numeracy and to provide as much support as possible for children who need it most, including those preparing for AQE.  More information will be provided if not all children can start at once.    Please contact the school if you would like to discuss anything in the information provided. 


Yours faithfully

L Nesbitt