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Report to Parents on Progress of SDP 2017/18



We introduced ‘whole-school’ themes this year to encourage children to work together, be kind to others, build self-esteem and feel appreciated for their individuality and contribution: There’s Only One You and The Kindness Tree. Each class also participated in Anti-Bullying Week activities. School staff have been trained in Positive Behaviour Management and have found that the positive approach has had a significant impact on the standard of behaviour in the school. Parents’ support and communication with school staff has been key to ensuring that issues are resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

Curriculum and Learning

Numeracy has been the main focus for development this year. Planning, teaching and provision for learning have undergone a rigorous review and the monitoring and evaluation feedback has been excellent. We will continue to try to raise the profile of Numeracy and increase children’s enjoyment of maths activities. Our aim is to ‘make maths fun’, dispelling the stigma that can sometimes be associated with Numeracy.

The Literacy focus has been cross-curricular writing, that is, writing for different purposes across a range of subject areas or topics. The development of writing skills is strongly influenced by reading the work of others and we are fortunate to have a lovely new library, with an electronic book scanning system. Children of all age groups have enjoyed visiting, browsing and borrowing books. The work of parents in helping to get the library organized has been invaluable and the Primary 7 librarians have been exceptional in managing the borrowing system and assisting younger children during class visits.

Teacher training in ICT has enhanced learning experiences within Interactive Design and children have been using the Computer Suite/Library for individual and group work.


Nursery staff have been involved in ‘Learning to Learn’ and ‘Getting Ready to Learn’ cluster meetings and workshops with other schools. The Big Bedtime Read initiative has continued on from last year and the ‘Education Works in Pre-School’ project has been introduced. The Nursery is a rich, effective learning environment, which continues to flourish in line with up-to-date research-based initiatives and recommendations for enhancing learning and development in the pre-school setting.


Leadership and Management of the school uses the new ISEF indicators (Inspection and Self-Evaluation Framework) to ensure the highest standards in every aspect of school provision. Areas identified by the ETI in January 2017 have been thoroughly addressed. Coordinator training has ensured that middle managers are up to speed with current recommendations and leadership strategies to take the school forward. Reconstitution of the Board of Governors has commenced and, by October 2018, the new Board will be ready to take up office.


This year, in the interest of Safeguarding, we have had fencing and gates installed at either side of the school building so that we can secure the play areas and restrict access to the back and side of the school. We will continue to seek ways of promoting road safety at the gates.

Links With Community/Parents

School events have continued to be well-supported, both in relation to children’s learning and in relation to attendance at school and community events. The pantomime ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’ was a tremendous success and the value of the experience for the children is beyond measure. Our main charity this year has been Cure4Cam. Pupils, parents and staff members have been very generous. PTA fundraising and PTA input in other ventures has been invaluable. Thanks to the PTA, we have beautiful playground markings to make break and lunch times and Nursery outdoor play fun.