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Government Restart Leaflet


Everyone has a role to play in keeping our schools safe and helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Everyone should continue to:

wash hands regularly

cover coughs and sneezes

practice social distancing

follow the latest public health advice

What should I not do?

Don’t send your child to school if they have COVID-19 symptoms

Don’t allow your child to use public transport unless you have no alternative

Don’t gather at the school entrance/gate

Don’t allow your child to share food/drinks with friends

What should I do?

Do let the school know if your child will be absent due to COVID-19 symptoms

Do encourage your child to socially distance, if it is possible

Do encourage good hand hygiene

Do use alternative transport if you can

Do walk or cycle if it’s safe and appropriate to do so

Do use park and ride or other car-parking facilities (if available) and walk the remainder of the journey to school

Do avoid parking close to or at the school gates

Do encourage the use of face coverings on school transport

Further information, including Frequently Asked Questions for parents and carers, can be found on the Department of Education’s website at