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Dear Parents


In preparation for the event that school will close with little or no notice, I would ask parents who intend to send children to school for the remainder of this week and next, to think about emergency alternative arrangements for child care.  If staff, or children in school develop symptoms of COVID-19, the school will close immediately.  If there are no members of the Senior Leadership Team available for the rota, child care at school will not continue.   The staff of Donacloney Primary School have been exceptional in their willingness to help, but already our numbers are dropping due to illness and family circumstances.


If you have extended family members who are at home now, not required to attend work, or friends and family members who are able to share childminding, these options are much safer that gathering children from numerous families into one place. This has been highlighted in the latest Government advice.   Even with the greatest intentions, it is impossible to ensure children stay 2 metres apart throughout the day. It is even more difficult for staff members to stay 2 metres away from  the children.  The school option is the least safe option for children and parents.   We do not have any way of ensuring the safety of staff or children against this virus.


I intend to keep you informed of developments but it would be wise to consider urgent alternatives in the meantime. 


Still praying for the safety of our children and families and those who are putting themselves at risk to help us through this.



L Nesbitt