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March/April Home Learning

March/April   Topics- Spring and Dinosaurs

Help your child to do a few of these activities each day, only if you can.  Do not put yourself under pressure at this difficult time but remember the most important thing for your Nursery child is to play, read and keep up some physical activity together.

•Look out the window and go into the garden.  Look for as many signs of Spring as you can see and count them e.g. birds singing, daffodils blooming.

•Find a flower and count the petals.

•Draw a picture of yourself in the garden. Draw things you see in the garden e.g. a tree, a flower, a bird.

•Plant your flower seeds.

•Think of all the animals you see on a farm, then think of the baby animals e.g. a cow and calf.  On other days think of animals and their babies which live in the zoo or in the jungle.

•Move around the house or the garden like an animal e.g. an elephant, a giraffe, a snake, a frog, a kangaroo, a crocodile, a horse. Change direction or speed on a signal. Move fast/slow, forwards/backwards/sideways.

•Have a picnic in the garden on a sunny day.

•Help to water the plants.

•Each day, sing or recite a different rhyme/song from the Spring song booklet. Teach other family members how to do the actions.

•Find stories about baby animals and dinosaurs and read one each day.  Read stories to your teddies or dolls.

•Draw or paint a picture of your favourite dinosaur.

•Do some Spring cleaning and wash some of your favourite toys in a basin or bucket of soapy water outside.

•Wash some socks in a basin outside and peg them in pairs on a clothes horse.

•Use cuddly toys to play animal hospital.

•Make play dough into the shape of a flower.

•Make a headband out of cardboard and turn it into an animal by sticking on paper whiskers, ears or a face.  Use it when singing your animal songs.

•Think of a shape and go for a shape hunt for things in the house or garden which are the same shape.

•Start a collection of lids from jars, bottles and tubs.  Sort them in different ways - same colour, shape, size, material.  Count how many of each, how many altogether.  Draw round the lids to make a picture.

•Read Jack and the beanstalk story or find online version.  Draw or paint a tall beanstalk.  Make the giant's castle out of junk.  Build Jack's house or the castle out of Lego or Duplo.  Count how many blocks high or wide your castle is.

•Find a large page, piece of card or length of wall paper.  Lie on it while someone draws round you.  Turn the shape of yourself into the giant by colouring in or painting and drawing a face, hair, etc.  You could stick on wool or fabric scraps too. Help to cut out.

•Think of different types of beans and make up an action for each one e.g. jump for a jumping bean, shiver for a chilli bean, stretch wide for a big broad bean, lie down for a baked bean.

•Make an Easter Card for your family.

•Make Chocolate Nests with Rice Krispies and melted chocolate.

•Make a shaker or use your egg shaker and shake it in time while singing Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken, lay a little egg for me...

•Look at the recently updated photos on this class page and use as a talking point.



Useful Websites and online activities related to our topics of Spring and Dinosaurs

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•Go to Shape and do Shape Monsters

•Go to Measures and do Let's Compare


English Activities

•Go to Letters and Sounds and do Match the sounds

•Go to Stories and Rhymes and do Animals on the farm movie


 CBeebies Website

•Our Family- Bob and Lenny feed the ducks

•Teddles- Don't forget to wash your hands


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•Andy's Pre-historic Raps

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•Make a Peter Rabbit Picture

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