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Donacloney Primary School will open for the new school year, with a half day on Wednesday 26 August 2020 (home time 1.30pm). Primary 7 children will start back on Monday 24 Aug 2020 (9.00am-2.00pm Mon and Tue). More info to follow in August.

June Home Learning

Summer has arrived and  in the month of June we learn through the topics of The Seaside and Holidays as well as continuing to explore the creatures, plants and flowers which live in our outdoor environment. It is great to see and hear about how so many of our Nursery boys and girls have been searching for minibeasts and looking after the plants which have grown from the seeds they planted. Keep up with the activities in your Home Learning Pack and keep checking each section of the Nursery Class page for new ideas and activities.smiley  

June Week 4  Week beginning 22nd June


  • Read The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch or watch on You Tube.
  • Do The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch Home Learning Challenge.
  • Make a lighthouse out of junk e.g. a plastic bottle or a Pringles tube.
  • Pretend you are on holiday and set up a camp site in the garden.
  • Have a Teddy Bears’ Picnic outside.
  • Make and eat a healthy fruit salad.  Try to use a red, yellow, orange, green and purple fruit.  It will look like a rainbow!
  • Sing the Baby Shark Song and do the actions.
  • Make binoculars or a telescope using cardboard tubes.  Use to go exploring.
  • Draw a treasure map and go searching for the treasure.
  • CBeebies Website- Explore- The Let’s Go Club, Seaside Fun.
  • CBeebies Radio- Listen to Waterways- Down in the Rockpool and Beachcombing.
  • You Tube Stories- How I Became a Pirate

                      Kipper the Dog At the Seaside

                       Brum at the Seaside

  • Practise your ball skills

                   Throw and catch a ball 5 times

                   Aim and throw a ball into a bucket

                    Set up goal posts and kick a ball.  Can you score any goals?

                    Use a bat and ball to get ready for Wimbledon!

  • Draw a picture of somebody you haven’t seen in a long time.  Maybe you could send your picture to them in the post or send them a photo of your picture on a mobile phone.  It will really cheer them up!
It is Father's Day on 21st June.  The Nursery boys and girls would normally be busy making surprise cards for their Dads and Grandpas this week.  Here are some ideas if you want to make a card at home.

June Week 3   Week beginning 15th June

  • Read or watch and listen to the following stories on You Tube

The Rainbow Fish

What the ladybird heard at the seaside

Lucy and Tom at the Seaside


  • Do the Rainbow Fish Activity and make a really colourful, sparkly fish.
  • Under the Sea Counting Activity. (Mum or Dad can write the numbers)
  • Tracing the Shapes activity.
  • Colour the Ice Creams on Ice Cream Colours page.  Make each scoop a different colour.  Count the scoops.
  • Make your own ice-cream dessert as a treat!  Eat it before it melts!
  • Try some Shapes activities from pages 36 and 37 of tts Home Learning Collection.
  • Let’s Get Moving! Activities on tts Home Learning Collection pages 40 and 41.
  • Do some Patterns and Mark Making outside on large pages, pieces of cardboard or the ground. See tts Home Learning Collection page 34.
  • Use Topmarks Website Ages 3-5 Maths Games- Underwater Counting

                                                                            Let’s Compare at the beach

                                                                            Matching Pictures, Shape and Colour

  • Do another page of Scissor Skills Booklet.


  • CBeebies Website- Puzzles and Games-Summer Jigsaw and Swashbuckle Jigsaw.
  • Topmarks website – Listen to 12345 Once I Caught a Fish Alive

                                               The Big Ship Sails

Get creative with our sea creatures theme this week.
I hope you are having fun with your playground chalk.  Here are some ideas of how to use it.
Use your toy cars and vehicles in lots of ways or make some tasty transportation snacks.

June Week 2- Home Learning Pack Activities for Week beginning 8th June

  • Watch and listen to these sunflower stories on You Tube- The Tiny Seed

                                                                                               The Magnificent Sunflower

                                                                                               This is the Sunflower

                                                                                                Life Cycle of a Sunflower

  • Do Life Cycle of a Flower activity sheets.
  • Draw or paint a tall sunflower.
  • Go outside and collect some leaves, sticks, daisies, dandelions, pebbles, etc and use them to create some temporary Art work.  You can rearrange your items to make a new picture or pattern each time.  Take a photo of your picture.
  • Find different sizes and shapes of leaves.  In a tray practise cutting skills by cutting up the leaves into different shapes.
  • Do the Summer/Winter Clothes Sorting Activity.
  • Do the How I Get to Nursery page- draw or stick on a photograph.
  • Make a junk model vehicle e.g. a bus, a boat, an aeroplane, a rocket.
  • Do some of the Wheels on the bus activities tts Home Learning Collection pages 20 and 21.
  • Make tracks on paper by dipping toy vehicle wheels in paint.
  • Play with your toy vehicles in a tray of porridge, pasta, rice or couscous.
  • Have a car wash outside using your scooter or trike as the cars.
  • Use your chalk to draw a road outside for your vehicles.  Draw some trees, flowers, houses as well.
  • Use your construction toys at home to make buildings, bridges and tunnels for your small toy vehicles.  Make your vehicles go in, over, under, along, through, on top, below…
  • Try some of the Sizes activities on page 33 of the tts Home Learning Collection.
  • Do another page of your Scissor Skills Book.
Here are some extra Art ideas to keep you all creating colourful pictures this week.   Mrs Castles would love you to send her a photo of your work.

June Week 1     Home Learning Pack Activities for week beginning 1st June

  • CBeebies website- Search for minibeasts and play Minibeast Spotter.

Watch The Minibeasts that live in water and listen to Minibeast Adventure with Jess Theme Song.

Listen to  CBeebies Radio- Waterways- Singing in the rainforest

  • BBC Bitesize- Play Bud’s Number Garden.
  • Go on a minibeast hunt.  You can tick off the minibeasts you find on your Minibeast Hunt Page.
  • Do your Minibeast Sorting Activity.
  • Draw eyes and a mouth on your Prickle the Hedgehog page.
  • Try your Inventor Scavenger Hunt.
  • Do another page of your Cutting Skills Book.
  • Find the number 5 around your house.
  • Practise pencil control on your wavy lines page.
  • Try out some of the Maths activities from the tts Home Learning Collection pages 30 and 31-Sort, Count, Match and Share.
  • Make some play dough and try some activities from tts Home Learning Collection pages 6-10.
Watch CBeebies – Grace’s Amazing Machines Series

Use old cardboard tubes to make a caterpillar picture.

Count how many circle prints you made.

 Make Butterfly Buns

There are lots of butterflies in our gardens at this time of year and here is how you can make  some tasty butterfly buns.  This activity will develop and reinforce early maths skills, physical skills, creativity and is great fun! 


Make or buy some plain fairy cakes. Count your buns. 

Cut a slice off the top of each bun.

Cut the circle  slice in half to make 2 semi-circle wings. 

Make buttercream by mixing 150g icing sugar  with 75g butter with a wooden spoon until it is creamy and soft.

Put a blob of the buttercream on each bun.

Stick the 2 wings on top to make a butterfly shape.

Shake some icing sugar through a sieve over the top of your buns.  You could decorate with sprinkles too.


You can make these colourful butterflies using some of the resources in your home learning pack plus a few extra bits which you may have handy. 
Here are some great book suggestions about the creatures which live in our gardens.
Some book suggestions about sea creatures.
Here is a fun way to develop important listening skills and sound discrimination.  Make sure you use your 'Listening Ears' for this activity boys and girls.
This month we usually start to prepare the children for the transition to Primary One.  The Getting Ready to Learn team have produced this useful  information for parents about Getting Ready for School.